YA Stylus is a Minnesota designed stylus used for tablets, phones and other touchscreen devices. When you use YA for the first time, you'll notice the amazing balance and comfort that's designed into it.

Artists, students and business executives alike, YA Stylus is a great addition to your set of tech tools. Whether your whipping out a spreadsheet for your board meeting, or creating the next Mona Lisa, YA will be there for you to make it happen.

After becoming highly upset with the quality of styluses on the market, in 2012 Erick Lewis, designer of YA Stylus, was persistently striving to create the perfect stylus for use on his tablet. Now, we have finally come to the stage where that stylus has come to life.

At 6.5” inches long and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, YA Stylus is the most superior stylus on the market today with incredible craftsmanship, quality, and a unique and sleek appearance.

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